This centre is the key to unlocking the potential of our town. It is where individuals will be equipped with skills to fulfil jobs brought about by the growing tourism to the town. The aim is that there will be no need for an employer to look beyond Grabouw for the correct candidate as the ideal one can be found from within the local community!

The campus will, amongst other things, house an industrial kitchen for catering and cookery training, a woodwork facility, permaculture courses and much more!

In order to get this project off the ground we need to secure substantial funding. The fully equipped Arts and Skills Development Centre will cost in the order of R27m.



The need for a Skills and Job Creation Centre in Grabouw is seen as a priority as projects are undertaken to address: the desperate need to create employment; the housing backlog; future food security; and overcome the current infrastructure decay. These projects include the new Community Retail Centre; the new Pineview Park Sports Centre; the re-organising and re-energising of the Transport System; the Town Renewal and Riverfront Project; the Park of Unity Project – and the building of the Training Centre itself.

Together with the positive impact on Tourism as a result of these projects, many new employment opportunities will arise. In order to prevent the importing of skilled artisans from outside of Grabouw it is vital that our local community is up-skilled as a matter of urgency to meet these new employment demands.



There will be many different skills streams – each with its own champion. The advantage of this is that the passion is focussed and fund raising is independent. Each stream will be results driven and will be responsible for the funding of its own running costs. Overall administration costs will be shared between the different streams. Skills will focus on opportunities in high demand or existing markets. For example:

The jewellery classes will be guided by their Nordic Design Funders in Denmark to manufacture for the Danish market – ensuring that what is produced is immediately marketable. This will not exclude outstanding individual design – but will help to reach a certain high standard from the outset.

The woodwork classes will, amongst other things, teach house building skills. There is a massive demand in Grabouw for housing – so this is a skill that can be immediately used. The collaboration with government and municipal housing bodies is vital to ensure that what is produced is acceptable and fits in with government housing policy. This is a moving target as funding for top structures is being gradually withdrawn. A pilot project, with the blessing of Human Settlements, is planned for Klein Begin in order to introduce different formats of ‘Flat-Pack Housing’. This is the way rapid housing delivery is being addressed around the globe in areas of desperate need. This creates a huge opportunity to service not only the needs of Grabouw – but also elsewhere in Africa and around the world. Products of excellence will always sell and our exchange rate gives us a pricing advantage.




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