Klein Begin is a small area of our community and, as the name suggests, is a great place to start putting our Vision2020 plan to the test.

Currently we are working on a bike empowerment project in conjunction with BEN (Bike Empowerment Network), PPA and Qhubeka. This involves the introduction of a recycling system by the youth of the community to clean up their area and take pride in their environment. They will be rewarded with a bike once they’ve collected enough recyclable rubbish and the project is up and running. We’ve already held a bike maintenance course to equip them with skills once they own the bike.

The other project underway is a tunnel project. Two tunnels have been donated and the community is being mentored in the growing of fruit and veg from which they can raise funds to expand the project. This is beginning to unite a once divided community with a common goal.

These are small steps but vital to demonstrate that our vision is in fact possible.