We’re an initiative by the people of Grabouw for the people of Grabouw.


We acknowledge Grabouw’s beauty and potential and can see an exciting future beyond its current adversities.


We believe, as community working together, we can transform our town into a thriving destination and become a beacon of hope for similar communities throughout South Africa.




“Vision without action is just a dream,

action without vision just passes the time,

but vision with action can change the world.”


– Nelson Mandela




Inspired by the words of Madiba, we are putting our vision into action to bring about positive change for our town:


Looking beyond the now

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A plan with a purpose

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We can no longer continue with business as usual.


Grabouw has reached its tipping point. The population has risen rapidly from 30,000 in 2011 to around 75,000 in 2017.


We have an unemployment crisis. We can kick-start employment opportunities through tourism and investment – but with an unskilled population this will merely add to the frustration.


We are sitting on a ticking time-bomb. We can ignore it and let someone else deal with it. Or, we can seek out solutions that will diffuse this looming crisis.


This town belongs to all who live here. If we put a plan together to offer work opportunities to every hardworking resident enabling each one of us to realise our dreams, we will be rebuilding Grabouw ourselves – and we will be astonished at the tremendous amount of goodwill that lies buried beneath this crusty outer surface of frustration. The people of Grabouw are our greatest asset. This is where our focus should be.


We encourage every one of you – without exception – to invest in our town and a sustainable future for all of our children.


What's different about our town?

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Our Vision & Mission


The tourism industry is booming in South Africa. With Cape Town regularly voted a top destination for international travellers we want a piece of the pie. In order to do this we need to encourage pride in our town to make it attractive to visitors. This has already begun with our bin project as well as various greening projects within the centre of town. The river clean up is next on our list as well as the larger-scale Park of Unity project. We see the river as being our life-source the common thread and as it weaves through our town it brings all the beautification and restoration projects together.

Our desire is to transform Grabouw into a place that we are all proud of and happy to boast about. Our hope is that this transformation will inspire a ripple effect across all the rural towns and become a template for a future South Africa.

We want to inspire our youth to reach their full potential and create opportunities for them when they leave school – not just with gainful employment, but with entrepreneurship too. This is a huge challenge when faced with such  discouraging employment figures. But, the opportunities are there and economy is changing. We would like to provide them with access to relevant training so that they are equipped to go after these opportunities, reach their full potential and be inspired to dream big once more.


We have experienced too many short-term solutions. It’s time for a long term plan. If we get it right and can attract and grow the tourism potential of our area, it will do a great job of boosting our community’s economy. Success will create a snowball effect which will perpetuate our enthusiasm and encourage investment in our town. All our efforts need to be towards sustainability as far as possible. Creating a skilled and applicable work force from within our town is one element of the solution but we also need to cultivate our own resources. We need to reinstate forestry which can be harvested and processed in our town and create food security by allocating larger areas for vegetable gardens and permaculture.

Agriculture has long been the major employment stream in our area however it is saturated and can no longer be the only solution. We want to equip the people of Grabouw with usable skills that can be harnessed within South Africa’s booming tourist industry. This will be partly realised through our proposed Skills & Job Creation Centre. The aim is that there will be no need to look beyond Grabouw for new business ideas and opportunities and that local businesses will be able to find perfect candidates for available roles from within our own community.




Initially you may think our plan is a little far-fetched. However, this hsa been well researched for many years. It all started with the Grabouw Sustainable Development Initiative (GSDI) where, in 2005, six towns were identified as having been severely negatively impacted by the system of Aparteide. In consultation with the local community, the Development Bank of South Africa put a plan together, balancing the best interests of the environment, the economy and the community, that would create a new, sustainable Grabouw. The GSDI became the blueprint for the future development of Grabouw and was adopted into the forward planning of the Theewaterskloof Municipality. Unfortunately the plan was never carried through and the GSDI remained dormant for over a decade.


The Grabouw Beautiful Campaign was encouraged by the municipality at the community to reignite this vision. Grabouw Beautiful has refined the original plans to suit the existing situation and, if anything, this plan has become even more ambitious and more revolutionary in transforming Grabouw into a modern South African town where the needs of every single person are taken into account.


Our dream may be ambitious and we know there is a mountain to climb. But never fear! The enthusiasm  of the people in our town has inspired us to aim even higher. Our masterplan reflects this in that it continues to evolve as we see more and more potential.

This plan is called VISION2020 and is broken down into a number of inter-related projects, all with the sole focus of developing Grabouw into a destination of choice for tourism and enabling us to be self-sustainable for the long-term.


The first project we are getting underway is Klein Begin Skills and Job Creation Centre. You can read about that and the rest of our planned projects by clicking on the buttons or photos below:


We are most thankful to have the support of these amazing people:


Only a team effort can transform our vision into positive change for Grabouw. If you would like to contribute in any way please use the contact form to get in touch. Whether you contribute time, skills, resources, equipment or finances, it is all appreciated.


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