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What makes Grabouw so special?

Apart from the obvious beauty of the valley and surrounds, Grabouw is special for a number of reasons:

  • Grabouw represents a microcosm of life in South Africa contained in a valley separated from other areas by mountain ranges on all sides. If Grabouw succeeds – we have a recipe that can be replicated throughout South Africa.
  • The population of Grabouw has doubled in the past 5 years and the town and its infrastructure are in a state of decay. Unemployment is rampant. Intervention is vital.
  • Grabouw is the Gateway to the Overberg, less than an hour from Cape Town – and has amazing potential as a prime tourist destination. This will result in many new job opportunities requiring skills which are lacking at present.
  • Grabouw is situated inside the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve – home to the world’s smallest, most diverse and most threatened floral kingdom. The state of this town and valley are a clear barometer to man’s performance in harmony with his natural surroundings.

Can anyone sign up for the skills academy?

Grabouw residents will take precedence – but, aside from this simple criteria, the academy is essentially open to all.

How will this project create jobs within Grabouw?

The academy will not set out to create jobs – but rather, to enable Grabouw residents to qualify for job opportunities as developments take place in Grabouw.

All skills streams will be focussed on existing or new markets. If new demands arise, it is planned that the centre will be dynamic enough to adapt to these as well – as and when they arise.

The academy will offer a limited number of jobs to educators and skills trainers. The construction of the centre itself will also create a number of short term work opportunities.

Where do my donations go?

Your donations can go to one of three places which you can nominate as your payment or donation reference:

  • Funding of the Grabouw Beautiful Campaign – the umbrella body (Ref. GBC)
  • Construction of Skills Development Centre (Ref. SDC)
  • Ongoing running of any of the work streams within the Skills Development Centre eg: Ref: RAN (Rural Arts Network)

How can I make a difference?

You can roll up your sleeves and offer your services or, if you prefer, you can make a monetary donation. We also need building materials and equipment – which you are welcome to enquire about.